Terminology Resources and Terminology Work Benefit from Cloud Services

Tatiana Gornostay and Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Tilde

This paper presents the concept of the innovative platform TaaS “Terminology as a Service”. TaaS brings the benefits of cloud services to the user, in order to foster the creation of terminology resources and to maintain their up-to-datedness by integrating automated data extraction and user-supported clean-up of raw terminological data and sharing user-validated terminology.

The platform is based on cutting-edge technologies, provides single-access-point terminology services, and facilitates the establishment of emerging trends beyond conventional praxis and static models in terminology work. A cloud-based, user-oriented, collaborative, portable, interoperable, and multilingual platform offers such terminology services as terminology project creation and sharing, data collection for translation lookup, user document upload and management, terminology extraction customisation and execution, raw terminological data management, validated terminological data export and reuse, and other terminology services. Read more


Cloud Terminology Services Facilitate Specialised Lexicography Work

In this software demonstration paper Tatiana gornosty and Andrejs Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde) present an innovative cloud-based platform TaaS “Terminology as a Service” developed in an EU-funded project. The TaaS platform provides language workers and language applications (human and machine users, accordingly) with the services to foster the creation, validation, harmonisation, sharing, and application of terminology resources. Among other benefits for language workers, TaaS serves the needs of specialised lexicography, or terminography, facilitating user-friendly, collaborative, multilingual, interoperable, portable, and cloud-based specialised terminology work. TaaS fills the gap of innovative environment to speed up the development of specialised dictionaries. Read more


Dreams of Better Terminology Tools

In the latest issue of the Multilingual magazine (Multilingual April/May 2014) Tatiana Gornosty, Tilde shares her dreams about the better Terminology tools. Read more


Using TaaS for Terminology Extraction

TaaS (Terminology as a Service) is a new and innovative terminology management platform. This will be integrated in memoQ 2014 which will be released in June. However, you can start using this service immediately. One of the powerful things to use on the TaaS platform is language aware terminology extraction. With TaaS it is possible to add a document, get the terms extracted and matched with your desired target language.

Read more and share your feedback about the TaaS platform here.

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TaaS is listed in a Catalogue "Human-Machine Interaction" of "InnovationsAllianz NRW"

InnovationsAllianz NRW is a research network of all universities in North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany. InnovationsAllianz NRW publishes Catalogues with research initiatives of all universities as an overview for both other researchers and industry.


Bootstrapping Term Extractors for Multiple Languages

Terminology extraction resources are needed for a wide range of human language technology applications, including knowledge management, information extraction, semantic search, cross-language information retrieval and automatic andassisted translation. In this publication Ahmet Aker, Monica Lestari Paramita, Emma Barker, Robert Gaizauskas report a low cost method for creating terminology extraction resources for 21 non-English EUlanguages. Using parallel corpora and a projection method, they create a General POS Tagger for these languages. They also investigate the use of EuroVoc terms and Wikipedia to automatically create a term grammar for each language. Read more


Bilingual dictionaries for all EU languages

In this paper Ahmet Aker and his colleagues from the University of Sheffiled present their research on bilingual dictionaries that can be automatically generated using the GIZA++ tool. In this work Ahmet and his team outline three different methods for cleaning noise from automatically generated bilingual dictionaries: LLR, pivot and transliteration based approach. Read more


A Computer Journal for Translation Professionals on TaaS

In the latest issue of "A Computer journal for translation professionals" Jost Zetzsche, author of "Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World", shares his ideas on and experiences with the TaaS project.

Here is the truth: At first I was a little skeptical when Peter Reynolds of Kilgray started to show me TaaS -Terminology as a Service - at this year's ATA. Read more


Context Independent Term Mapper for European Languages

In this paper Mārcis Pinnis (Tilde) presents a new context independent method for bilingual term mapping using maximised character alignment maps. The method tries to particularly address mapping of multi-word terms and compound terms that are extracted from comparable corpora. The method allows integrating linguistic resources (e.g., probabilistic dictionaries and character based transliteration systems) that significantly increase the mapping recall while maintaining a stable precision. Read more


CHAT  2013

Partner  Presentation Beyond  the  Conventional  Terminology  Work

Klaus-­‐Dirk Schmitz, Cologne University of Applied Science

Tatiana  Gornostay, Tilde

It has always been exciting to live and work in revolutionary times when everything is rapidly changing and science and technology are making particular progress. The time has come to have a different look also at the current trends in terminology work and to think beyond the conventional terminology praxis of language workers. Read more


Interview with Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz

Klaus-Dirk Schmitz is Full Professor of Terminology Studies and Managing Director of the Institute for Information Management at Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Germany. The formal training of Prof. Schmitz was actually in Computers and Linguistics. He holds a diploma in Computer Science and Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Information Science, both from the University of Saarbrücken. His teaching and research activities focus on terminology theory and terminology management as wells as on software localization and computer tools for translators. Read the whole interview


Terminology Moves to ‘Cloud’

A new way to access terminology services was launched in June 2012. TaaS is an EU-funded project coordinated by Tilde, and developed together with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Kilgray, the University of Sheffield and TAUS. TaaS’ goal is to provide the industry (as well as the academia and society) with an important multilingual terminological resource in the most innovative IT platform (cloud). Read more


Extracting Bilingual Terminologies from Comparable Corpora

In this paper Achmet Aker and his colleagues from the University of Sheffiled present a method for extracting bilingual terminologies from comparable corpora. They treat bilingual term extrac- tion as a classification problem. For classification they use an SVM binary classifier and training data taken from the EUROVOC thesaurus. Read more



MT Adaptation for Under-Resourced Domains – What Works and What Not

In this paper the authors present various techniques of how to achieve MT domain adaptation with limited in-domain resources. This paper gives a case study of what works and what not if one has to build a domain specific machine translation system. Systems are adapted using in-domain comparable monolingual and bilingual corpora (crawled from the Web) and bilingual terms and named entities. The authors show how to efficiently integrate terms within statistical machine translation systems, thus significantly improving upon the baseline. Read more (ISO press books)


Cloud-Based Infrastructure of Terminology Services and Resources

This short paper presents the concept of the cloud-based infrastructure of terminology services and resources. The first section addresses the needs of an instant access to the most up-to-date terms, user participation in the acquisition, processing, and sharing of multilingual terminological data, and efficient solutions for the reusing of terminology resources based on the cloud-based terminology services for human and machines as users. The second section focuses on the task of the consolidation and harmonisation of different, usually dispersed, terminology resources within the open infrastructure of language resources. Read more


Cloud-Based Terminology Services for Acquiring, Sharing and Reusing Multilingual Terminology for Human and Machine Users

This paper presents the concept of the cloud-based terminology services for acquiring, sharing and reusing of multilingual terminology for human and machine users. An ongoing “Terminology as a Service” project was initiated to establish the TaaS platform addressing user needs and providing online core terminology services for key terminology tasks. The paperdescribesthemaintargetusergroupsoftheplatform.The problems that language workers (technical writers, translators, interpreters, terminologists, editors etc.) encounter when working with terminology are analysed on basis of the results of the survey performed within the project. Read more


MDUTerminology as a Service (TaaS) in MDÜ Journal

The TaaS project and project partner were briefly presented in MDÜ journal (4/2012) issued by BDÜ, German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators. The developing TaaS platform was introduced as a cloud-based platform for acquiring, cleaning up, sharing, and reusing multilingual terminological data which will provide terminological services for both human (language workers) and non-human users (computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation systems). Read more



Terminology as a Service (TaaS) in eDITion

The TaaS project and project partner were briefly presented in eDITion (2/2012) issued by DTT, German Association for Terminology. The developing TaaS platform was introduced as a cloud-based platform for acquiring, cleaning up, sharing, and reusing multilingual terminological data which will provide terminological services for both human (language workers) and non-human users (computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation systems). Read more


MultilingualTranslation Technology's Big Data Revolution, Multilingual

In his latest article, Rahzeb Chouthury (TAUS) elaborates on the issues of Big data revolution and terminology needs.

Access to terminology on demand woudl raise the capability of the translation industry across the board. Read more



ACLExtracting Bilingual Terminologies From Comparable Corpora, ACL 2013

In this paper Ahmet Aker, Monica Paramita and Robert Gaizauskas from University of Sheffield present a method for extracting bilingual terminologies from comparable corpora. In this approach they treat bilingual term extraction as a classification problem. Read more


Terminologische Informationen und Dienste für Spracharbeiter

This publication is a part of tekom-Jahrestagung 2012. Read more


TaaS at Tekom 2012

In this report Professor Klaus-Dirk Schmitz from Fachhochschule Köln outlines the TaaS project and its importace for the industry. Learn more


Why Terminology is Your Passion? Interview with terminologists from all over the world

An interesting interview with Tatiana Gornostay (Tilde) was published on TermCord. Tatiana Gornostay is an experienced researcher in Computational Linguistics and Terminology. In her interview to TermCord she tells about her academic background and relationship with terminology, as well as answers some questions about the TaaS project and the development of a new platform. Read more


TaaS in the META-NET White Paper Series

TaaS was mentioned in the META-NET White Paper Series “The Latvian Language in the Digital Age”. Read more


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The research within the project TaaS leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013), grant agreement no 296312